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Guest Stay Agreement

Please read our Policies, Guidelines and Resort Etiquette.  Then complete and sign guest info section and have each guest (16 years of age, or older) sign, date and return.


We do our best to accommodate extraordinary guest requests under extraordinary circumstances, but due to our short season and remote location, we cannot make exceptions to our deposit and cancellation policies.​


Booking & Cancellation​


All bookings can be made in advance up to 365 days prior to arrival.  Maximum of 5 guests per campsite.  At least one adult (19 years of age or older) staying at and responsible for each site.

Individuals and small groups of 10 or less, not requesting Buffet Meal Service, or special event set-up and special event services, based on availability, can book as late as 2 days in advance, with payment for bookings between 2 to 14 days due in full at time of booking.   In order to reserve dates 15 days or greater prior to stay, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The remaining balance must be received by us on or before the date 2 weeks (14 days) prior to arrival.  If final payment is not received on or before 2 weeks prior to arrival, the reservation is cancelled.​


Large events must be booked 91 to 365 days prior to arrival and require a deposit representing 50% of the total cost of booking including taxes and gratuities, due at time of reservation (preferred by bank wire transfer). The remaining balance is due 90-days prior to arrival.   *Arrangements for large events are booked through our resort staff (See Event Request Page on our website).


Once event has been booked, individual guests attending can reserve their individual campsites, meals and services, remembering to select the event they are attending on the reservations page.


Payment for additional products and services must also be paid in full online at time of booking. ​


Cancellations for individuals and small groups of 10 or less received in writing and confirmed by the resort 30 or more days prior to scheduled arrival, are 50% refundable.  Less than 30 days written notice, are 100% non-refundable.​  ​


​​Cancellations for large events received in writing and confirmed by the resort 91 or more days prior to scheduled arrival, are 50% refundable with a $500 cancellation fee.  If cancellation is received 0-90 days prior to arrival, then the reservation is 100% non-refundable.  ​


Payment for additional products and services is non-refundable.​


Payment for meals, activities and services received in writing and confirmed by the resort 30 or more days prior to scheduled arrival, are 50% refundable.  Less than 30 days written notice, are 100% non-refundable.​


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are valid for specific dates and seasons only and may be redeemed only by the recipient unless expressly permitted by the owner of the resort. Certificates are non-transferable – person to person or season to season, and they have no cash value.  Gratuities are not included in gift certificates awarded to non-profit organizations for the purposes of fundraising, therefore gratuities are due from the certificate holder.

Travel Insurance

We very strongly recommend, for peace of mind, all guests purchase travel insurance.



Orren Creek Ranch assumes no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, or loss/damage to vehicles, or personal property of any kind.


Check-In and Check-Out

Check-in time is 2:00pm. Check-out time is before 12:00pm (Noon). Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability. Surcharge may apply.​

  1. All vehicles are to stop upon entering property to check in with staff for their camping permit before proceeding to their campsite.

  2. Camping permits must be displayed on dashboards.

  3. Drivers must obey, posted speed limits, signs and be aware of pedestrians, especially children at all times.  All Terrain Vehicles, Golf Carts etc. are to stay on the main roads in the resort.​



  1. Campfires are only allowed in designated fire pits and only to a maximum of 0.6 metres (2 feet) in height, except during fire restrictions.

  2. Please be considerate of fellow campers and arrive early (prior to 10:00 p.m.) to set up your campsite. The noise created from setting up is often disturbing to other campers. If this is not possible, please keep noise to a minimum.

  3. Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. All electronic devices are to be turned off during quiet hours so as not to disturb other campers.

  4. Generators are NOT permitted in the campground, except in the equestrian and group areas, operated by resort staff, or with special permission from resort management. 


Additional Vehicles

  1. Maximum two vehicles per campsite, including only one RV, tent-trailer, or boat/atv trailer), all other vehicles/trailers must purchase an “Additional Vehicle Permit”, when booking online, or at the resort upon registration and park in the “additional vehicle” parking area. The number of additional vehicles permitted per campsite may be limited resort staff.  Additional parking permits must also be displayed visibly on vehicles.


Campsite Visitors

  1. All visitors to the campground must purchase a day use pass and their vehicles must be parked in the additional vehicle parking area.

  2. No visitors are allowed to enter the resort after 9:00 p.m.

  3. Day visitors must leave the resort by 10:00 p.m.

  4. Overnight visitors must pay “Overnight Guest” fee per person and/or per vehicle fee.


For Events we recommend arriving soon after 3pm, to allow ample time to unpack and get settled at your sight.  Then join the rest of your party for a Champagne & Appies Reception in “The Bear Necessities” Great Hall / Tent.  Enjoy hors d’eurves and appetizers, champagne or refreshment of your choosing and settle in by the fire, for a brief orientation given by the resort management.  You will meet your hospitality team, learn to be bear aware, wilderness safety, resort customs and how to register for activities and spa services.  Soon after you will be walked to your tent –short grounds tour en-route. ​


Business Services & Cell Service

Cell reception is spotty here.  You have to walk around to find signal.  There is usually service near the Common Area.  There is no business centre here, but we make wireless printing available for a nominal fee. 

First Aid

There is a Standard First-aid Kit available onsite and made available 24/7.   All guests are asked to fill-out a Guest Stay Agreement before their stay, which asks food, environmental and insect bite allergies and other health information, in case of an emergency.


Also campers should take anything left behind from their dog, such as food scraps, bones, toys and dog waste.​

Dogs are welcome in the campgrounds, following some simple guidelines.  We are surrounded by wilderness here.  An off-leash dog may inadvertently come in conflict with bears, wolves and cougars or scare birds from critical feeding areas. This type of conflict could have negative consequences for your dog, as well as wildlife. The following regulations are in place to protect you and your dog, and also to protect wildlife and lake inhabitants.  Respect Nature. 


  • Be prepared.   Carry bear spray and air horns and keep them handy.

  • Keep dogs on a leash and under control at all times, including at individual campsites, lakeside and in the water.  Leash not exceeding 2 metres (6 feet)

  • Never leave animals unattended.

  • Keep all food in sealed containers, preferably in coolers and in the trunk of your vehicle.


  • Ensure pets do not make excessive noise, or disturb other persons.

  • Pets are not permitted in common areas.

  • Also campers should take anything left behind from their dog, such as food scraps, bones, toys and dog waste.​  Poop and scoop applies at all times.

Campsites and property must be kept clean and tidy at all times.    KEEP OUR LAKE AND CREEK CLEAN.  No dumping foreign debris (ie. garbage, cans, bottles, fuel or liquids).  If a campsite, or other area on property is left untidy, a fee of $75.00 or greater, will be charged to your credit card.​


Garbage and Recycling

All garbage and recycling, including beverage cans are to be taken with you and disposed of properly.​

Swimming, boating and other lake activities are unsupervised. Use at your own risk. Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s safety.

Although we are pretty isolated, we do have relatively close neighbors to the south and locals driving by.   We would like to keep good relations with others in our community, so please respect their privacy, property and keep noise to a minimum.  Rowdy behavior, excessive noise, or swearing will not be tolerated.


No firearms

No Hunting

Fireworks are prohibited, except by pre-approved resort staff for specific designated holidays and special occasions.


NO SMOKING IN, OR IN CLOSE PROXIMITY, TO ANY BUILDINGS AND COMMON AREAS ON PROPERTY.  If you smoke, please keep things clean and prevent forest fires, by making sure to fully extinguish your butts and dispose of them in ash trays, or proper containers for later safe disposal.  DO NOT FLICK BUTTS ON PROPERTY!

Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Alcohol / Cannabis may only be consumed on a registered campsite.

  2. Alcohol / Cannabis are not permitted in day-use or public areas including picnic shelters.



Please help us protect our forests and do not bring firewood from home. Moving firewood, even just a few kilometres away, can spread invasive and destructive insect species such as the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian long-horned beetle to our forests. Firewood is available onsite. Any remaining firewood shall not leave the designated fire pit areas.​

PROPERLY PLAN OUTDOOR HIKES AND EXCURSIONS.  Ensure you have enough time to get back before dark.  Don’t venture off alone.   Always travel in pairs or groups.  Take walkie talkies and cell phones if you have them.  Make sure to take water and emergency supplies (i.e. flashlight/batteries, water-proof matches, band aids, power bar, and poncho).  Wear proper attire.  Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back.​


Thank you for respecting our property and our policies, guidelines and etiquette.  Following these, ensures a safe and fun camping experience for all!   Enjoy your stay!

Complete the following Info. for yourself and persons in your party.   Please print or type clearly.

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