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     For those of you who don't know, Sharon Marie, owner of Orren Creek Ranch, is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium & Vibrational Healer ....and She's Back!  After a short hiatus, she is once again booking healings and readings. 


    Sharon Marie uses her gifts and training as a Reiki Master, Remote-Viewer and Numerologist to bring energy and insights to those with questions and suffering from physical ailments and fatigue.  The healings that have transpired through sessions with her over the years, have been nothing short of Astonishing!   She does, however, like to remind us that she herself does not heal anyone, that it is the individual's mind and body that heals.  She is merely the antenna (or conduit) to heighten and transfer the energy and messages that are given, to help facilitate and speed up the healing process.  In many cases, it's instantaneous!


      Even though not everyone is able to visit her at the Ranch, long-distance healings and readings have provided equally as Amazing results! 



I’ve been connected to Sharon Marie’s work and consciousness evolution from the very beginning. She is the authentic deal and anyone who has the opportunity to connect and work with her through healings and readings are receiving a great gift.   I have first hand knowledge of some of the amazing healings that have transpired and can speak first hand to her dedication to making a positive difference. 


Nicole Marie Whitney

Founder & Producer & Head Hostess


Life Changing Talk Radio since January 1997



THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the HEALING you sent me. I did receive it!  I pick up long distance healing more than hands on which is why I had got in touch with you . YAY !!! Lots of love xxx

~ PM, United Kingdom

I have brought several of my friends to Sharon over the years for readings.  The information has proven to be extremely accurate and helpful.  One time attending a social function, that Sharon was also attending, my girlfriend found herself ill and in great pain.  Sharon took her to a private room and performed  a brief impromptu healing session for her, from which she returned feeling much better.

Jason Lokau - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

To Book a 60 min Reading with Sharon Marie, click this link

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To Book a 60 min Healing Session with Sharon Marie, click this link

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you will be contacted to set up your session time!  

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